I havenít made an audio trade for some time now.Most of

my spare time is currently being consumed by transferring

shows from DAT, mastering, tracking, etcÖIf you find a

show listed here that you absolutely can live without, been

lookiní for years and years, etcÖ I see what I can do to help

ya out, otherwise you are probably out of luck for now.


Show Ratings:

I donít have all of my shows rated, and remember ratings are subject to personal

opinion, when/where it was heard, and what it was heard on.

A+ I try to only rate flawless shows with this, sometimes one minor flaw canít justify an A-

Ain between and A- and A+

A- generally contains a small flaw(s)

Less than an A-, you are on your own.


Disk Extraction:

I extract with EAC that is configured properly.If you are not using EAC, you should.

That setup can be a bit time consuming, but it is WELL worth it



Only trade on quality media


Labeling Shows:

DO NOT write on the disks you are sending me, not even in the center. I get way to much

stuff that I canít read, or the date is backwards. If we trade on a regular basis, that could

be a different story.Some of you folks know what you are doing :)To label a show use a

sticky note or a slip of paper inside the cd sleeve.Unless you ask specifically, I WILL

write (in the center) on the disks I am sending you.I do write very neat and legible.


Outgoing Packages:

Will be sent in a bubble mailer or in a partial bubble mailer inside of an envelope.


Incoming Packages:

Please use ďhealthyĒ packages, folks.I am all for recycling but there is a point when

a used mailer just needs to be thrown out.



Only use STAMPS for return postage, NO METER STRIPS and NO CASH (Iím not your postman!).

If you are over the pond, we can work something out for postage, no big deal :).


Set Lists and Artwork:

Any information about a show that I own can be found here on this list, I post everything

I have.I do not include a set list or artwork with outgoing packages.Nor do I expect

either of them to be included in packages headed my way.I do have some artwork for a

few shows (very few).One of these days Iíll will get around to marking those shows on

this list.I will email you the artwork, if possible.