If you don't dig the blues, you got a hole in your soul


.... Albert King



Ya know, we’re warming up now, I mean

we’ll burn your asses up here in a minute

if you’d give us a second.


….Allen Woody 10-09-1992



I guess you kind of noticed ah, we're

kind of   like the Allman Brothers.  We

take our time in between songs, so play

some pool or fuck around, we'll be back

in 20 minutes, or 20 seconds.


...Allen Woody 08-06-1994




Like Steven Wright said, If you fuck

someones brains out, who would know?


Dickey Betts 08-30-94




We're gonna play ya some disco

music, Gov't Mule Style.


...Allen Woody 01-20-1995



(right before the encore)

Let us hear ya, ya know?

If not then, fuck ya we're leavin'


... Allen Woody 05-11-1995



You'd better be rasin' some hell

if you want to hear some music.

I mean all kinds of fuckin' hell


….Allen Woody 07-15-1995




We're Gov't Mule, and thanks for comin' out.

Now We'll kick your ass some more, stay right there.


….Allen Woody 07-21-1995



That about does it for that easy listening

shit. Now we are gonna, get on with it.


....Allen Woody 08-23-95



Thanks Folks, we're fuckin' with ya

we're not gonna play no more.


....Allen Woody 08-23-1995



we are collectively know as Gov't Mule and

your out on a Sunday night, a school night,

huh?.  Cool, thanks.  We'll write notes for

ya, if ya need it.  Matt, see Matt after the..

Stain He'll write you a note for your teacher.

Right Stain?


….Allen Woody 10-29-95





we'd like to send this next song out in honor of the late great Frank Zappa,

that is who we wrote this song for


Crowd cheers quietly


Woody: Well thats kind of a pissy response.... He said Frank Zappa.


Crowd: cheers louder


Woody: Thank you, thank you.


Warren: More better.






We don't say much between songs,

we just stand here and look stupid.


….Allen Woody 12-07-1995





CB muthafuckin' GB’s


Woody: (after Mr. Big)

That about does it for the easy listening part

of the show, now, now we are gonna fuckin' rock



You guys ready back there Brody?  We are recording

so we have to wait for 'em to flip the tape.



Just scream allot and act like we are worth a fuck,

if you would.  Thanks.



Yeah, someday we might here somethin' from

CB muthafuckin' GB’s






well thanks folks, Damn! Last week ahh,

we all lost a dear friend with Jerry Garcia

leavin' us so ahh, so tonight we want to

play some in his honor, hope you guys enjoy it.


….Allen Woody 08-17-1995




Thank ya very much folks, and welcome to Gov't Mule.

Its not an event, its a state of mind.


....Warren Haynes 01/06/1996



"So I'm here playin' and I smell this smell.

I don't know, I'm not sure what it is but I got

this sneaking suspicions that it ain't legal

<cop car noises> this could be you."


….Allen Woody 03-27-1996







Allen Woody on the three string bass over

there. Shake it but don't break it.



I'd swap the other string for a joint.

This is Matt Abts back here playin' the

hell out of the drums, for ya.



Possibly the worlds best drummer.



Possibly. Probably.  This is Warren Haynes

singin', lead vocals, lead Guitar, Warren Haynes

we're Gov't Mule.






Well, there is allot of you guys out there for

a school night, huh? We'll have to rock that

ass then, huh?


….Allen Woody 03-03-1997




Every time we come to this fuckin' town

you come and see us and we thank ya.


....Allen Woody 03-03-97




so we'd like to tell everybody that ah...

we have a brand new live record that just

just came out a couple of months ago.  Its

called Live at Roseland Ballroom, and if you

can't find it at the stores we have it here

tonight if you want to buy it tonight.  If

you don't want to buy it tonight you can order

it and buy it later.  If you don't want to do

that you can tape it off your friend, we really

don't give a fuck... know what I'm sayin' but

we just want you to listen to it.


....Warren Haynes 03-03-97




Haynes: Matt Abts on the mutha' fuckin' drums!

Allen: Playin' the fuck! out the damn drum!

(few seconds later)

Allen: Boys and girls, thats fuckin' rock-n- roll there for your ass







We'd like to feature Matt Abts on this

next song for ya (low cheer from crowd)

I said, We'd like to feature Matt Abts

on this next song for ya (louder cheer

from crowd) thank you.


Woody: We thought somethin' was wrong with the PA, fuck!



Actually we feature Matt on about every song,

but we feature him even more on this one.


Woody: Actually Matt feature himself but....


Pygmy starts......








How 'bout a hand out there for Big Sugar and for Chris Duarte.




Thats it? C'mon these bands are great, man.  Sshhit.

Fuckin' rock you on a cold night.






Thats fine fuckin' drummin' folks, C'mon


....Allen Woody 11-13-1997




Give us second we'ere learnin' this

song, hold on.  OK we got it.


....Allen Woody 11/13/97




Alright the hard cores are stayin' late,

right... to get the ass whomped


...Allen Woody 05/02/98




It takes a second to finely tune the new

mule tools, hold on, we'll be with ya.


....Allen Woody 05/11/98



Kinda cool ain't it, just kinda come out to a

field and play some rock 'n roll.   Change guitars,

fuck around a little ya know...


….Allen Woody 06-09-1998




Give us a second to learn this thing,

and we'll play it for ya


….Allen Woody 09-22-99




Can we get funky for ya? One time?


….Allen Woody 09-22-99



I've been workin', I've been workin' SO hard

Allen Woody-Allen Woody-Allen Woody

on the base-on the base-on the base....


... Warren Haynes 10/06/99




<Fans hollaring song titles>


This ain't request night, ya know.


<crowd chuckles>


But we'll try and play some stuff that you like, ok?


... Allen Woody 10/06/1999



"What a great night for some great jams, huh?!?"


… Allen Woody 1999 Christmas Jam.





You have some more?  Send them to me, and I’ll post them