14th Annual Christmas Jam

12/21/02 Civic Center Asheville NC


Source:  Schoeps MK41 > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3 > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DAP1


DAT > CD Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > EgoSys Waveterminal 2496 > CDWave (record to hard drive & break into tracks) > MKW (shn)



Warren Haynes:

T01 Intros and Warren gets the key to the city

T02 Going To Carolina (1)

T03 One (2)


Sons of Ralph:

T04 Tuning

T05 Doin' My Time

T06 One One One

T07 Nine Pound Hammer (3)


Jerry Joseph:

T08 Good Sunday

T09 The Kind Of Place

T10 There's a Darkness

T11 Climb To Safety (4)




Edwin McCain:

T01 Good Enough (5)

T02 Indian Song (6)

T03 No Choice (7)

T04 The Times They Are A Changin' (8)


Robert Randolph and the Family Band:

T05 Squeeze

T06 Don't Worry Be Happy

T07 Peekaboo (9)

T08 Looking Out My Window >

T09 Ted's Jam

T10 Shake Your Hips (10)





T01 Mexico (w/ Dark Star intro)

T02 Opium

T03 The Weight (11)

T04 Jack Straw (12)




John Hiatt & the Goners:

T01 Lincoln Town

T02 Ride Along

T03 Drive South

T04 Tiki Bar Is Open

T05 Slow Turning

T06 Everybody Went Low

T07 Memphis In The Meantime (13)




Bob Weir and Friends:

T01 Shakedown Street >

T02 It's All Over Now Baby Blue

T03 Playin' In The Band (14) >

T04 Truckin' (14) >

T05 The Other One (14) >

T06 Birdsong >

T07 Dark Star >

T08 Birdsong >

T09 Dark Star >

T10 One More Saturday Night (15)


DISC 6 & 7:

Gov't Mule:

Soulshine (16)

Suffer (16)

Mule (16) > Who Do You Love? (16) > Mule (16)

Worried Down With The Blues (16)

Sco-Mule (17)


Don't Step On The Grass Sam (18)

Drivin' Rain (18)

No Quarter (19)

Simple Man (20)


Lovelight (21)



1 Warren on guitar & vocals & Donny Lewis on fiddle

2 Warren on guitar & vocals

3 Warren on guitar

4 Dave Schools on bass, Robert Randolph on dobro & Matt Abts on drums

5 Audley Freed on guitar

6 Audley on guitar & Kevn Kinney on guitar & vocals

7 Warren & Kevn on guitar

8 Warren & Kevn on guitar & vocals & Danny Louis on keyboards

9 Chuck Garvey on guitar

10 Warren on guitar & Danny on keyboards

11 Warren & Bob Weir on guitar & vocals & Rob Barraco on keyboards (Bob sings first verse, Al the second, Warren the third and Rob Derhak the forth)

12 Bob on guitar & vocals & Rob on keyboards

13 Warren on guitar

14 DJ Logic on turntables

15 Al Schiener on guitar

16 Greg Rzab on bass

17 Greg on bass, Dr. Dan Matrazzo on keyboards, John Smith on sax, Mike Barnes on guitar & DJ Logic on turntables

18 Dave Schools on bass

19 Audley on guitar & Dave on bass

20 Artimus Pyle on drums, Audley & Mike on guitars, Dave on bass & Rob on keyboards

21 Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals, Rob Randolph on pedal steel, Audley, Al Schnier & Jack Mascari on guitars, Rob & Dr. Dan on keyboards, John on sax, Vinnie Amico on drums, DJ Logic on turntable, Dave on bass & Robert Kearns on cowbell, no Danny & Warren just on vocals