Gov't Mule

Empire Theater

Sacramento, CA

November 14, 2004


Source:  Schoeps MSTC64(FOBDFC) -> Fostex FR-2w @ 24/48 & 24/96 (2nd)

Transfer: BWF > PBook 1.33GHz > Spark 2.8.2 > Peak 4.1 > AIFF 16/44.1 > xACT > FLAC16

Recorded, Post-Produced & Seeded by Chris Hecht.


Disc 1:

1. Grinning In Your Face

2. Thorazine Shuffle

3. Fool's Moon

4. Slackjaw Jezebel

5. I Think You Know What I Mean

6. Devil Likes it Slow

7. I Believe To My Soul

8. Bad Man Walking

9. About to Rage

10. Lola Leave Your Light On


Disc 2:

1. My Separate Reality

2. Blind Man in the Dark

3. Bad Little Doggie

4. How Many More Years > Higher Ground > How Many More Years

5. Drums

6. Empty Pages

7. Mule

8. Soulshine



9. Listen to the Lions


Folder Size: 839.7 MB FLAC16


Flac Fingerprint:

gm2004-11-14d1t1.flac: 8f70959db782d804a9da6c3dba09641b

gm2004-11-14d1t10.flac: 4d06dc8c01af52c3f631dab46125546c

gm2004-11-14d1t2.flac: 3e0b9337dc5bbbd5a6a2e7b322793dc0

gm2004-11-14d1t3.flac: 787170b1e329b9673d01f5e692277889

gm2004-11-14d1t4.flac: b83117f47ab422c2cb3ada397f9ac7ae

gm2004-11-14d1t5.flac: e471faaa751d0424b5bc34a01563a7ad

gm2004-11-14d1t6.flac: 186b61f59c24bf0b8871342c1ba1a719

gm2004-11-14d1t7.flac: fff37d548601074c87f8af4097347dac

gm2004-11-14d1t8.flac: 55e15e7a86044e90d01310becf46a08b

gm2004-11-14d1t9.flac: b899f93eebbd28c43e3378846d9cbfd5

gm2004-11-14d2t1.flac: 232ce1fb9514ceba6f680008be85207b

gm2004-11-14d2t2.flac: 6e0a25b62ebdfea2ba061127adf12b2b

gm2004-11-14d2t3.flac: f0609ac5f405d5d31a75d69051f55830

gm2004-11-14d2t4.flac: f09da1c3a7e93b11f7bd17b035cdd035

gm2004-11-14d2t5.flac: 7ac1b7888a09c5d7b76e8c718b4c7abc

gm2004-11-14d2t6.flac: 5b5be5057e347ead7b75036b388e9e9a

gm2004-11-14d2t7.flac: 4ced24adaef36b8804658ece9eb7b98d

gm2004-11-14d2t8.flac: dfb849cea2b3a5647e8d9c09a0b249e7

gm2004-11-14d2t9.flac: 0c2ca701f3436ac8f6cd470fb99613b4



Biggest show ever at the Empire; what a field day for the heat. Dead center, 35' back, 6 1/2' high. Yummy snacks during break, cooked on the engine on the drive up from San Diego. Gotta love tour....