Govt Mule

October 20, 2004

The Ryman Auditorium

Nashville , TN



taped by: Jack Carley

source: Neumann Km184 (DIN,45,ROC) >V2 >ModSBM1 >M1


transfer: M1 >VXPocket V2 >Sony VIAO GRT >CP2 >CDRWin3.9


Seed Linage:EAC (Offset configured)>Flac1.1.1 >Maketorrent 2.0

Seeded Via torrent By: NHatfield - Kctaper(at)RR(dot)Com

Audio Disc 1 Set 1:


Slackjaw Jezebel

I Think You Know What I Mean

About To Rage

Perfect Shelter

Bad Little Doggie

Birth Of The Mule

Slow Happy Boys



Audio Disc 2 Set 2

Time To Confess,

Blind Man In The Dark

32-20 Blues (1)

Out Of The Rain (2)


Audio Disc 3 Set 2:


Sco-Mule (3)

30 Days In The Hole (4)



Don't Let Me Down +(5)

Simple Man (4)


Setlist Notes:

(1) Mickey Rafael on harmonica and JoJo Hermann on Rhodes piano;

(2) Mickey on harmonica and Lee Roy Parnell on slide guitar; (3) Jack Pearson on guitar; (4) Audley Freed on guitar;

(5) singer, guitarist and keyboardist from "Gomez";

+ first time played