Gov't Mule


Deep Ellum Live

Dallas, TX


Source: mbho 603a/ka500>mp2>ad500>dap1@48.1

transfer: sony m1>deltadio2496>soundforge 5.0>cdwave>flac frontend

Fades and conversion from 48 to 44.1 done through soundforge 5.0

Taped & transferred by Frank Dawid


Disc 1:

Set 1:

01. Larger Than Life

02. Fools Moon

03. Rocking Horse

04. Empty Pages

05. Tastes Like Wine

06. I think you know what I mean

07. Time to Confess

08. Trane

09. Life before Insanity


Disc 2:

Set 2:

01. Mr. Big

02. If I had Possession of Judgement day

03. Worried down with the blues

04. Lively up yourself

05. Bad Little Doggie

06. Drums

07. Jam

08. Driving Rain

09. 30 days in the hole

10. Send you back to Georgia


11. Wild Horses




the recording is bottom end heavy, which was the room.  

The sound guy even mentioned he could not find a solid sound in the room and everytime

he had 1 instrument sounding good he had to adjust another one which in turn altered

the sound of the one that was just sounding good.