Govt Mule


The Joint, Las Vegas, NV


Source:   2x Senn K3U/ME40 + 1x AKG 460/CK61 > Spirit Folio Lite mixer > M1 @48.1

Transfer dat clone>soundforge 6.0 for fades and resampling to 44.1>cdwav for tracking>flac frontend.


Note there is a pop as the beginnning of Lay your Burden Down which is on the dat and Seems to be from

the room and not a digi pop and was left alone.   

This show was one long set.


Show taped by Neil Sturtevant and transfered by Frank Dawid


d1t1 Grinnin

d1t2 Soulshine

d1t3 Thorazine

d1t4 Larger Than Life

d1t5 She Said She Said

d1t6 Tomorrow Never Knows

d1t7 Time To Confess

d1t8 I'm A Ram

d1t9 Life Before Insanity

d1t10 WDC > Beautifully Broken

d1t12 WDC

d2t1 Birth Of The Mule

d2t2 Drums

d2t3 Jam

d2t4 Into The Mystic

d2t5 Burden

d2t6 BMITD intro / Ain't No Sunshine tease

d2t7 Blindman in the dark

d2t8 Mule>I've Been Working>Mule


d2t9 One