Gov't Mule

2003-12-31 [WEDNESDAY]

Beacon Theater, New York, NY


recorded by Gary Comley, Portland, ME


source: [FOB/ROC clamped to loge balcony] Neumann KM-150> Apogee MiniMe (16b/48kHz)> Sony PCM-M1

lineage: Sony PCM-M1> Midiman C03 (coax>optical)> PowerMac G5.  Tracked/fades added/resampled in Peak 4.01.  Converted to FLAC using MacFLAC.


Spin Doctors opened



[set one]

01 Game Face

02 Empty Pages

03 Thelonius Beck

04 She Said, She Said

05 Tomorrow Never Knows

06 Lay Your Burden Down

07 Mother Earth

08 World Gone Wild

09 Fallen Down (w/ countdown)



01 Sympathy for the Devil

- w/ Jimmy Levino on shaker and backing vocals

02 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

03 For What It's Worth

- w/ Jimmy Levino on keyboard and backing vocals

[set two]

04 Drivin' Rain

05 Mr. Big

06 I Think You Know What I Mean

07 Lay of the Sunflower

08 Ain't Superstitious

- w/ Jimmy Levino on guitar and backing vocals



01 Smokestack Lightning

- w/ Eric Schenkman (of the Spin Doctors) on guitar

02 Matt

03 Devil Likes It Slow

04 Far Away

05 Young Man Blues/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl


06 Wish You Were Here


D3T2 @ 3:31  sounded like somethin’ but I’ll bet it is

A balloon popping.  Also heard a spot of what sounded

Like “stage static”….