Gov't Mule


The Vic Theatre                    

Chicago, IL


Source: AKG480 mics + OD Preamp + Sony SBM-1 20 bit A/D converter + Sony D8 DAT >

Python DAT drive + VDAT sofware to harddisk (no resampling!) >

Soundforge 4.5 resampling, fades, break into CD length WAV's >

hand built cue sheet into CDRWin (no ticks due to bad block length) > CDR

Recorded from the balcony rail about 8' left of DFC.


Disc One

Set I:

01)  Blind Man In The Dark

02)  Mother Earth->

03)  How Many More Years

04)  No Quarter > Patchwork Quilt

05)  Monkey Hill->

06)  I Want You (She's So Heavy)

07)  Sco-Mule

08)  Oh Well*

09)  Hard to Handle*


Disc Two

Set II:

01)  John The Revelator

02)  Rocking Horse->

03)  Don't Step On The Grass, Sam->

04)  Trane->

05)  Drums->

06)  Drums/Bass/Keys jam > Temporary Saint

07)  Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

08)  Mule->I've Been Workin'->Bass jam->Mule

09)  redundant fade out


Disc Three


01)  redundant fade in

02)  crowd

03)  Soulshine**


* w/ Chris Robinson on vocals and Paul Stacey on guitar

**w/ Greg Rzab on bass