Gov't Mule


Amherst , NY

University at Buffalo Center for the Arts ? Mainstage Theater


source: Sony ECM 717 > Sony MZ-R500

recorded from the front row one seat over from stage right stack


Includes the 10/15/03 New Earth Mud set on disk 3

Also on disk 3, Conan 2003 performance


1st Set:

32-20 Blues >

Larger Than Life >


Which Way Do We Run?

Maybe I'm A Leo

Game Face

No Need To Suffer

Dark End Of The Street (1)+

Dreams (1)


2nd Set:

It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home

Devil Likes It Slow

Rocking Horse >

Trane >

Third Stone jam >


Drums >

Drums/Bass/Keys >


Tastes Like Wine

Mule >

Bass jam >




Drift Away +>

I Shall Return >

Drift Away


Setlist Notes:

(1) Chris Robinson on vocals and Paul Stacey on guitar

+ first time played


D1T2 @ 5:21

D2T8 @ 2:??

D3T10 filler from Conan 2003