Gov't Mule


Hartford, CT

Webster Theatre


Taper: Jim Rehill

Source: Neumann KM184 mics > Lunatec V2 pre-amp ->Grace Patten ADC-20 analog

to digital converter -> Tascam DA-P1 Dat deck


Comments: with Danny Louis


1st Set:

Bad Little Doggie (2)

Rocking Horse (1)

Time To Confess (1)

Effigy (1)>

Thorazine Shuffle

When Doves Cry (2)>

Beautifully Broken (2)>

When Doves Cry (2)>

Beautifully Broken (1)

Mule (1)>

I've Been Workin' (1)>

Bass jam (1)(6)

Mule (1)


2nd Set:

Drivin' Rain (3)

Wandering Child (3)

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam (3)

No Need To Suffer (3)>


32-20 Blues (3)(4)

I've Got Dreams to Remember (3)(5)

Blind Man In The Dark (3)



Keyboard intro >

Comfortably Numb intro >

Soulshine (1)


Setlist Notes:

(1) George Porter Jr. on bass

(2) George on bass and backup vocals

(3) Greg Rzab on bass

(4) Dick Easter on guitar

(5) Rob Somerville on sax

(6) contains Purple Haze and Third Stone teases