Gov't Mule (with Dave Schools and Danny Louis)

Arena Stage, Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN

June 21, 2002


Source:           B&K 4022 (XY)-> Sonosax SX-M2-> Apogee AD1000 DFC FOB


Transfer:  Sony D8-> Delta Dio 24/96 via coax-> Soundforge 5.0 (resampled to 44.1khz)->

           CDWave for track splits-> mkwACT for shnning


Taped By:  Craig Davis

Transferred By:  Jim Pollock


Disc One:

01. Thorazine Shuffle

02. Rocking Horse

03. Fool's Moon

04. Sco-Mule (1)

05. Banks of the Deep End

06. Time to Confess


Disc Two:

01. Lay Your Burden Down

02. Bad Little Doggie

03. Blind Man in the Dark

04. Drivin' Rain (2)

05. Soulshine

06. Mule->

07. What Is Hip?->

08. Mule



(1) with DJ Logic on turntables

(2) with Les Claypool on bass (without Schools and Danny Louis)