Date: May 17, 2002

City/State: San Francisco, CA

Venue: Warfield Theater

Source: AKG 1000s>SBM-1>D8

Microphone placement: Lower Lodge, next to the Sound Board

Show donated by: Bob Silver

Re-mastered by: Thane Charpentier

Re-mastering source: "sound forge 6.0> envelope graphic eq to correct 80 to 200hz and 2500 to 20000hz>paragraphic eq to remove rumble below 20hz>clipped peak restoration no att.>alienware 2.0a ghz > plextor pxw4012a"



Band Line-up:

Matt Abts: drums, percussion

Warren Haynes: lead and slide guitar, lead vocals

Danny Louis: keyboards, backing vocals

Dave Schools: Bass, backing vocals


Cecil "Pnut" Daniels: saxophone


San Francisco has always held a special place for Gov't Mule.  From the early days, promoters in San Francisco have seen the promise in the Mule. Starting off playing respected venues such as the Great American Music Hall,the Fillmore, and the Warfield, gave the Mule a nice boost on the "Left Coast." These settings gave the Mule some great vibes to feed off of, rewarding the fans with some of their best performances ever. The setting has also provided some very special guests to share in the musicianship, which has given the fans in attendance some jaw dropping shows.


Thanks to the band and it's management for remaining steadfast in allowing us fans to tape and trade copies of their shows, we're lucky enough to have one of the strongest shows as the second part of this months' SEED.


Listening to the second show of this months SEED reveals what Warren and Matt have been up to lately. You can hear the influence of the DEEP END recording experience, Warren touring and recording with Phil Lesh & Friends as well as the Allman Brothers Band and Matt touring with X2. Mix in some Danny Louis (former Warren Haynes Band keyboardist) and Dave Schools and what you get is the making of a very special tour.


Guest Cecil "Pnut" Daniels is currently a bay area resident whose band "Apocalypse" is his latest in a life long experience with music. Some of you may be asking "who the hell is Pnut and what's he doing on stage with my Mule?" Well Pnut and percussionist Sunny Ortiz met while attending junior high school in Texas. They were in different bands competing to play the same Prom. (I wonder if any one taped that show?) Sunny went on to play with Widespread Panic. Over the years Pnut has sat in with Widespread Panic. His friendship with Dave Schools opened the door for to jam with Gov't Mule.


The show opens with a blast of old school mule; "Pygmy Twylyte>Blind Man in the Dark." For those who have been disappointed with Dave's level in the mix, fasten your seat belts. What follows is a blend of classic mule, deep end tunes and kick ass covers.



The recording echoes the size of the hall. Every taper has there own idea where the sweet spot in a venue is. If you want more opinions on this subject, add a balcony to the venue. Tapers may not agree on the sweet spot for this venue, but after listening to this tape I think you'll agree, short of a recording trailer out back, this remastered show is a pretty accurate representation of the performance. Watch out you may find yourself doing the dance craze that is sweeping the nation.


D1 66:57

1st Set:

Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark, 13:02

Thorazine Shuffle, 16:33

Banks Of The Deep End, 6:36

Wandering Child, 7:41

Down And Out In New York City, 8:20

Fool's Moon, 6:01

Soulshine 8:44


D2 53:14

2nd Set:

No Quarter, 13:50

Life Before Insanity, 6:20

World Of Confusion, 7:15

Sco-Mule (1), 10:19

Beautifully Broken, 7:03

Time To Confess, 8:27


D3 47:02

Come On In My Kitchen > 12:10

If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day, 10:20

Mule, 12:11


Wild Horses, 6:55

Creep 5:26


Setlist Notes:

(1) Cecil "Peanut" Daniels on sax