Gov't Mule



Jazz and Heritage Festival

New Orleans, LA



Recorded by Boca Bob Silver (



Audience CSB> M1- Front Row Center on the Rail with

Mic's clamped to bag on ground in front of Rail in the

Security zone, between rail and stage (about 40' from the Stage)



with Dave Schools and Rob Barraco

 w/ John Popper on harmonica




Disc 1 


Grinnin' In Your Face

Thorazine Shuffle

Rocking Horse

Banks Of The Deep End

Blind Man In The Dark

Bad Little Doggie

Lay Your Burden Down

Sco-Mule *

Keyboard intro >


Mule >

What Is Hip? >

Third Stone tease >

Norwegian Wood tease >



Setlist Notes:

* John Popper on harmonica


Recorded, Transfered and seeded by Boca Bob Silver (

 CD was made directly from the master Dat on a stand alone HHB-850 cd burner

Eac'd to a PC, run through Sound Forge for tracking of song breaks, then shn'd in MKW!