Flynn Center For The Performing Arts

Burlington, VT

March 2, 2002


Source:  Schoeps 4V > Reutelhuber > modified SBM1 (13th row FOB)

(recorded by Jeff "Rama" Silverman)


DAT > CD Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > EgoSys Waveterminal 2496 >

CDWave (record to hard drive & break into tracks) > MKW (shn) >

Plextor PX-W2410A

(transfer by Robbie Dunn)



Comments: w/Dave Schools and Rob Barraco


1st Set:

Blind Man In The Dark

Bad Little Doggie

Lay Your Burden Down

Wandering Child

Fallen Down >

The Other One >

Fallen Down

Effigy *

Wild Horses *

Banks Of The Deep End *

Fool's Moon *


2nd Set:

Thorazine Shuffle

Tastes Like Wine

World Of Confusion

Life Before Insanity

Sco-Mule **

Mule >


Life On The Outside *

Revolution *



Comfortably Numb intro

Soulshine *


Setlist Notes:

* w/Audley Freed on guitar

** w/Dick Easter on guitar