Govt Mule


The Vanderbilt, Plainview, Ny

Oktava Mc012(hyper card)>Mp2>Sony D10 Pro

Sony D10 Pro>Audiophile 2496>Soundforge 4.5(48K>44.1 Highest setting)


All Taping,Transfers and Uploads by Pat Kelly

Post to Furthur on 3/2/02



Disc 1:

Set 1:

1.Rocking Horse

2.Thorazine Shuffle

3.World Gone Wild

4.Beautifully Broken

5.She Said She Said

6.Banks Of The Deep End *

7.Fool's Moon *

8.Effigy *

9.Mississippi Queen *


Disc 2:

Set 2:

1.Bad Little Doggie

2.Lay Your Burden Down

3.Smokestack Lightning jam

4.Left Coast Groovies>

5.World Of Difference


Disc 3:

1.Mule>What Is Hip?>Mule>


3.Third Stone From The Sun jam *>

4.Life On The Outside *

5.Sometimes Salvation *

6.Soulshine *

7. Encore Crowd


8.Is It My Body? *

9.Dreams *


w/Dave Schools and Rob Barraco

* w/Audley Freed on guitar