Gov't Mule


Norfolk, VA

Friar Tuck's


Comments: w/Federale


1st Set:

Mule >

Woody/Matt jam +>

Mule >

Who Do You Love? >

Mule >

Rocking Horse >

She Said She Said >

Kind Of Bird

Gambler's Roll

Mr. Big >

Never In My Life riff >

Mr. Big


2nd Set:

Thorazine Shuffle

Game Face >

No Need To Suffer >

Pass The Peas

Sin's A Good Man's Brother >

Blind Man In The Dark

Young Man Blues >

Out On The Tiles tease >

Young Man Blues >

Power Of Soul tease >

Young Man Blues >

Thick As A Brick tease >

Young Man Blues >

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl >

Young Man Blues



Presence Of The Lord *>

Look On Yonder Wall *


Setlist Notes:

Marc Ford on guitar,+ Warren has guitar problems


D1T7 @ 6:08