Gov't Mule


Cincinnati, OH



Comments: w/Federale



Wandering Child

Thorazine Shuffle

Devil Likes It Slow

Mule >

I've Been Workin' >

Woody's jam >

Mule >

Monkey Hill >

She's So Heavy jam >

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam >

Mountain Jam tease >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam

No Need To Suffer >

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam*

Life Before Insanity

Left Coast Groovies >

Drums >

Left Coast Groovies >

I Can't Quit You Baby >

Blind Man In The Dark



Mr. Big **

It Hurts Me Too **


Setlist Notes:

* contains commentary from Warren and Woody about that song and Bullshit laws

** Marc Ford on guitar


D1T1 @ 5:44 volume spike

D1T5 @ 0:24/0:@6

D1 ends rough

D2 starts rough

D2T6 @ 3:19-3:28 some static and other spots. Could be some stage noise.

Spots at the start of Blind man.