Gov't Mule


New York, NY

Irving Plaza


1st Set:

Wandering Child

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

Kind Of Bird

John The Revelator *

Life Before Insanity

Lay Your Burden Down

Dolphineus >

Painted Silver Light

War Pigs


2nd Set:

30 Days In The Hole **

Mule ***>

I've Been Workin' ***>

Mule ***

Devil Likes It Slow ***>

Who Knows jam ***>

Devil Likes It Slow ***

Lively Up Yourself ***

Cortez The Killer ****

Superstition *****+



32-20 Blues ******


Setlist Notes:

* Allen blows head on amp just Warren and Matt,** **Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar on guitar and vocals

*** Bernie Worrell on keyboards

**** Bobby Sheehan of Blues Traveler on bass, Bernie on keyboards and Allen on guitar

***** Derek Trucks on guitar, Oteil Burbridge of the ABB on bass, Bernie on keyboards, no Allen

****** Kelly Hoppe of Big Sugar on harmonica, Derek on guitar, Bernie joins part way in

+ 1st time played