Gov't Mule


Chicago, IL

Vic Theater



Wandering Child >

Thorazine Shuffle

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

Mule >

I've Been Workin' >


Temporary Saint >

Birth Of The Mule

Lay Your Burden Down

Left Coast Groovies

Rollin' Stone >

Blind Man In The Dark >

Drums >

Blind Man In The Dark

Life Before Insanity

Sad And Deep As You *



Soulshine **

Look On Yonder Wall **

Spanish Moon ***


Setlist Notes:

* John Duva on pedal steel

** Dave Matthis on keyboards, Larry McCray on guitar and vocals and Derek Trucks on guitar

*** Derek on guitar, Yonrico Scott on percussion, and Bill McKay on keyboards


Volume drops in Sad and Deep (D2T3)

D2T4 @ 2:32 blip


Filler on disk 2 from 03/12/99 I mean, WTF!!!

Nothin like butcherin a show to pieces.

D3T1 @ 5:23 fart

D3T4 -> Filler

D3T3 @ 10:00 fart



D1 ends abrupt

D2T3 volume fades a bit (during Sad and Deep)

D2T4 @ 5:24 fart

D2T6 @ 10:00 fart (Spanish moon)