Gov't Mule


Portland, OR

Crystal Ballroom


Comments: Open for Galactic



Wandering Child

Rocking Horse >

Thorazine Shuffle

Devil Likes It Slow

No Need To Suffer >

Doing It To Death

Lay Your Burden Down +

Blind Man In The Dark

John The Revelator

Life Before Insanity

Mule >

I've Been Workin' >


Encore: Afro Blue *


Setlist Notes:

* Ben Ellman on sax, Rich Vogel on keyboards and Stanton Moore on percussion from Galactic

+ 1st time played


D1T8 - I think I heard somethin'

D1T10 @ 135:/1:36 static

D1T10 @ 3:36 slight static

D1T10 @ 4:25 ?

D1T11 @ 1:26/1:27 static

D1T11 @ 4:19/4:30 static


D2T9 > D2T17 portland mule filler