Gov't Mule


Minneapolis, MN




Thorazine Shuffle

Wandering Child

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

Devil Likes It Slow

32-20 Blues *

Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings

Life Before Insanity

Day Tripper bass jam >

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam >

Norwegian Wood tease >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam

Smokestack Lightning >

Lively Up Yourself >

Drums >

Omega Mule

Blind Man In The Dark

If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day


Come On In My Kitchen intro *>

It Hurts Me Too *


* Kelly Hoppe on harmonica


D1T1 @ 0:14 static (not in the music, just during tuning up and shit)

D1T4 @ 4:01 volume trouble and some other shit

D1T1 @ 5:21 static

D1T2 @ 0:16 slight static

D2T3 @ 5:51 blip

D2T6 @ 4:11 blip