Gov't Mule


Kitchener, ON Canada



Comments: Open for Big Sugar



Wandering Child

Thorazine Shuffle

Temporary Saint >

Kind Of Bird

Game Face >

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam >

Under My Thumb tease >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam

Larger Than Life >

Mule >

Who Do You Love? >



D1T9 @ 1:43 -> 1:55 skipping static

D1T9 @ 9:10 tiny blip


Need to remove track 10 from disk 1 as it repeats

Itself on disk 2 in its entirety.


D2 is Big Sugar Filler 2 tracks

Smoke a hundred cigarettes with Warren and Matt

30 Days in the Hole with Warren/Woddy/Matt (I donít think Matt left the stage)