Gov't Mule
Wheeling, WV
Capital Music Hall

Taped By: Tom Ott <>
Source: A:D
SCMS: 00
Mics: AKG480 + CK61 > DA-P1

DAT (Sony 60P) > Sony A6 > Audiophile 2496 (S/PDIF) >
Cool Edit 2000 > CDwave (tracked) > Flac (level 8)

Transferred/Seeded by Jason Piercey August, 2004 (
DAT One from the box-o-DATs

Disk one: (66:15)
John The Revelator >
Thorazine Shuffle
Game Face >
Painted Silver Light
Life Before Insanity
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Birth Of The Mule
She Said, She Said >
Tomorrow Never Knows jam

Disk two: (51:46)
32-20 Blues
Pygmy Twylyte >
Blind Man In The Dark >
Drums >
Blind Man In The Dark
Wandering Child >
Mule >
Who Do You Love? >
If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day

Originally seeded torrent:

Flac Fingerprint

Mule 1998-09-25-D1T01.flac:50df158616773bf731cb3e45f4cc6e6e
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T02.flac:212bbe5f13d63d29a8ad0dfbfbe8e0ea
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T03.flac:12c63f99ba5af01290bfc26f4a17a1e8
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T04.flac:bd6893848b9afc578560c1dee0d7d6c4
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T05.flac:bb9c912936ae857dcb8ac65ea10fdc00
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T06.flac:4e3952b6c207338a1fbda28ca8675e27
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T07.flac:8d5dec5e90532097b8770e92fc58a251
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T08.flac:216d8750f37ed8a8551570d9fdf4df8f
Mule 1998-09-25-D1T09.flac:a722e15d989234bc2089167dcb4af8e0
Mule 1998-09-25-D2T01.flac:506028590f791e70e15c3bb8b9419e59
Mule 1998-09-25-D2T02.flac:bfbae49b1fc890c3217db958b717ae63
Mule 1998-09-25-D2T03.flac:d3d8d5b25df14b01d9628eb3fa819645
Mule 1998-09-25-D2T04.flac:d6b43b8b023839fae5f407cbd832c0f9
Mule 1998-09-25-D2T05.flac:8047437a803ff18bcaa50b79a6024335