Gov't Mule


Philadelphia, PA

Theater of Living Arts



John The Revelator >

Mule >

Monkey Hill >

She's So Heavy jam

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam

Larger Than Life >

Towering Fool >

Thorazine Shuffle

Kind Of Bird

If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day +

Life Before Insanity

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

Pygmy Twylyte >

Blind Man In The Dark >

Drums >

Omega Mule >

Blind Man In The Dark



She's Nineteen Years Old *

Gonna Send You Back To Georgia **

Fannie Mae **++


Setlist Notes:

* Bruce Willis on harmonica

** Bruce Willis on harmonica and vocals

+ 1st time played

++ 1st time done with vocals


D1T2 @ 5:52

D1T6 @ 1:45 static

D2T5 @ 6:14 blip