Gov't Mule

Clarkston, MI

Pine Knob Music Theater

July 19, 1998

The HORDE Tour Workshop tent


Source:  SBD> DAT @48kHz


Transfer:  DAT> Panasonic Sv-3700> coax> Audiophile 2496 USB> Sound Forge 6.0(record, resample, fades)> CD Wave(tracks)> MKWact> SHN(seekable)


Soundforge notes: resampling done w/ anti-alias filter on and interpolation accuracy on 4/4, fades applied to the beginning and end of performance





01.  Smokestack Lightning>

02.  Spoonful

03.  It Hurts Me Too

04.  Homeless Child


Ben Harper and Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals

Chris Baron(Spin Doctors) on saxophone

Chris Brown (Barenaked Ladies) on keyboards

Marcus Bleeker (Mosaic) and Matt Abts on drums

Allen Woody on bass



gm1998-07-19  md5 checksum

77a763c3567b21058111a8ce25329a37 *gm1998-07-19t01.shn

83b3a7bf7006e544402bdec6c6169401 *gm1998-07-19t02.shn

d7d4500942530823d4dc58e5956d2f12 *gm1998-07-19t03.shn

5c2d2f99e9f61b719ce873f7bff212cb *gm1998-07-19t04.shn