Gov't Mule


Sun Valley, ID

Elkhom Amphitheater



Source: unknown Aud




DAT > Sony A6 > Audiophile 2496 (S/PDIF) >

Cool Edit 2000 > Sound Forge 7.0 > Flac (level 8)


Transferred/Mastered/Seeded by kcmule October, 2004

DAT Five from the box-o-DATs



Comments: Open for Widespread Panic



Thorazine Shuffle

Blind Man In The Dark

It Hurts Me Too *

No Need To Suffer >

She Said, She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam




Setlist Notes:

* G. Love on harmonica


Transfer notes:

Why Cool Edit and Sound Forge, you ask?  'cause I didn't have SF

at the time of tranfer.  Remastered later with SF for seeding.



flac fingerprint

1998-06-09 D1T01.flac:e971b809f18095a3529a9cba2f20a1cc

1998-06-09 D1T02.flac:b79fc8b20dd4db56655b5ee1b053055b

1998-06-09 D1T03.flac:5299256c96bed00024a8b147689e0f6d

1998-06-09 D1T04.flac:8337d7bddc3dc6f8f06aa50c9cc7a6a0

1998-06-09 D1T05.flac:4526deb6cd90e88087e08c90fd2c43ce

1998-06-09 D1T06.flac:c720b1a43110a88840de7e3d634301ac

1998-06-09 D1T07.flac:6c3174559909f61950a410406a6d356c