Gov't Mule


7 Willow St.; Port Chester, NY


Source: Unknown DAT

Transfer: Sony D100 > Edirol UA-3 USB > CDWav > Flac Frontend (level 8)

Transfer by Adam Hechler <>


Transfer Notes: I placed a track break at a natural break in

Drums in order to fit the show on 2 discs.

Also, the levels on the DAT fluctuate between the first half of

the show and the second half, so the levels for the first disc

or so might seem a little low. This was to avoid clipping during

the rest of it. I didn't go through an "remaster" it at all to

attempt to get steady levels. This is how my DAT is. I did not

adjust the levels during transfer.



01. Pygmy Twylyte >

02. Blind Man In The Dark >

03. Mother Earth

04. Thorazine Shuffle

05. Temporary Saint >

06. Thelonius Beck

07. No Need To Suffer >

08. Rocking Horse >

09. Birth Of The Mule

10. Sin's A Good Man's Brother >

11. Drums...



01. ... Drums >

02. jam >

03. She Said, She Said

04. Mule

    - encores -

05. Almost Cut My Hair (1)

06. Afro Blue (1)

07. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (2)

08. I Shall Be Released (3)



Setlist Notes:

(1) Derek Trucks (guitar) and Bill McKay (keys)

(2) Derek Trucks (guitar), Yonrico Scott (drums), Todd Smallie (bass),

    Bill McKay (keys), Allen Woody on guitar, no Matt Abts

(3) Derek Trucks (guitar), Bill McKay (keys), Todd Smallie (bass)

    and Allen Woody on mandol