Gov't Mule


Ann Arbor, MI

Blind Pig


Rocking Horse >

Thelonius Beck

Temporary Saint

Thorazine Shuffle

Mr. Big

Birth Of The Mule

Larger Than Life >

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam

Pygmy Twylyte >

Blind Man In The Dark

World Of Difference >

Trane >

Lively Up Yourself >




Big Boss Man +*

Rock Me Baby **>

jam **


Setlist Notes:

* Robert Bradley on vocals, James Whalen on harmonica, Shakey (Jeff) Fowlkes on drums, no Matt

** Shakey (Jeff) Fowlkes on drums, Robert Bradley on vocals and Bobby East on guitar, no Matt


‘bout a 7:00 Pygmy! Nice!


D2T2 @ 13:30 click (world of difference)

D2T2 @ 14:44 slight skip (world of difference)

D2T4 @ 4:21 click

D2T4 @ 11:42 click


All clicks sounded the “same”, sort of a click/digi-noise thing.  Sure would love a copy of this without them……