Gov't Mule


Fox Theater Boulder, CO



1st Set:

Grinnin' >

Pygmy Twylyte >

Blind Man in the Dark

Thorazine Shuffle

Birth Of The Mule

No Need to Suffer

Game Face

I Shall Return >

She Said She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows jam


2nd Set:

Dolphineus *>

Raven Black Night *

Soulshine *

Afro Blue *+

Trane >

Truckin' jam >

Drums >

Doin' It To Death

Larger Than Life >

Towering Fool >

Thelonius Beck >

Mule >

I've Been Workin' >




Sad & Deep As You


Soundcheck: (not recorded)

Lively Up Yourself

Thorazine Shuffle

Born Under A Bad Sign

Raven Black Night

Afro Blue


Setlist * acoustic; + w/Tim Reynolds on guitar