Gov't Mule


Lexington, KY




Mule >

Game Face >

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam

Dolphineus >

Painted Silver Light >

World Gone Wild

Birth Of The Mule

Monkey Hill >

She's So Heavy jam >

Thorazine Shuffle >

Thelonius Beck >

Eternity's Breath jam >

St. Stephen jam

I Shall Return

Grinnin' In Your Face >

Mother Earth

Pygmy Twylyte >

Blind Man In The Dark >

Drums >

Blind Man In The Dark >

Just Got Paid

I've Been Workin' >

Just Got Paid



Mr. Big

Young Man Blues >

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl >

Young Man Blues


Soundcheck: (not recorded)

Born Under A Bad Sign

World Gone Wild


Missing first tune

D1T3 7:34 drop out, 7:44 resume

D2T6 at 4:12-4:16 Drop out just Warren singing