Gov't Mule


Morristown Community Theater

Morristown, NJ




1st Set:

Gov't Mule

Temporary Saint >

Rockin' Horse

Mr. Big >

Never In My Life riff >

Mr. Big

Kind Of Bird

Painted Silver Light

Same Thing

Goin' Out West

Grinnin' >

Politician >

Pygmy Twylyte >

Blind Man in the Dark


2nd Set:

Red House +

Left Coast Groovies >

Drums >

Trane >

3rd Stone jam >

Eternity's Breath jam >

St. Stephen jam

Just Got Paid >

Who Do You Love? >

Just Got Paid



Gambler's Roll

Young Gov't Mule Blues >

Good Morning Lil' Schoolgirl >

Voodoo Chile tease >

Young Gov't Mule Blues


+ 1st time played


One small pause on D2 while Warren is speaking No music is cut!. Maybe EAC can fix it?